photo of Cosimo Alfarano
Also known as KA, Kalfa or KameAlfa
Software Engineer at Nokia IP Video BU
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

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Superseded email addresses

The address has been superseded by cosimo alfarano new email.
Please, replace the former with the latter in your address books.
Any email sent to the old address will be lost, it does not exist anymore!

Other really old email addresses you might still have which belonged to me and do not exist anymore:

  • alfarano at (obsolete!)
  • alfarano at (obsolete!)
  • kalfa at (obsolete!)
  • kalfa at (obsolete!)

You can use the address suggested above.

GPG Transition

On November 2010 I started transitioning from my old GPG key to a new one. Both can be found on most public keyservers, as well.
Please read how to sign my new key, if you alerady signed my old key and would like to do the same with my new one.